What do you have to know about the MOQ?

About YingFung Office Furniture Co., Ltd. Thanks for visiting our website and decided to ask us for a price!Y&F mainly produces office furniture, provide solutions for office furniture projects, and provide office furniture wholesalers with a wealth of product choices.We have requirements for the minimum order quantity. Why do we mark the MOQ as 5 pcs? Many customers purchase office furniture for supporting projects. They need to purchase different office furniture to meet the needs of the project, therefore, one model has less MOQ, but the total quantity reaches the MOQ we can accept.For example, the same office space needs to purchase executive desks and chairs, conference tables and chairs, file cabinets, bookcases, reception desks adn chairs, workstations, task chairs, office sofas, coffee tables, etc. We can provide these buyers with one-stop procurement solutions to reduce their procurement costs. What is the MOQ we can accept? Generally speaking, at least one container, 20GP, 40GP, 45HC/HQ, etc.But it is not absolute. If your order is less than one cabinet, we can provide you with LCL service.If the total quantity is too small, it will reduce the cost performance due to the increase in transportation costs and third-party service costs. Executive Desk KT-01T2820   4-person Workstation KT-02W2412 1-person Workstation  KT-01W1260 Conference Table KT-03C3614

Seven Factors to Look for When Choosing Office Furniture

Seven Factors to Look for When Choosing Office Furniture Overwhelmed by how many options are out there for an office furniture buyer?  To make it a little easier for you we decided to put together this list of the seven most important things to keep in mind when considering a particular product. Aesthetics The look of your workplace can play a very important role in the success of your company. Studies have shown that an aesthetically pleasing office can help with attracting and retaining top talent.  Ergonomics The science of designing a workplace with the abilities and needs of your employees in mind, also known as ergonomics, should be factored into every piece of office furniture you purchase. From footrests, to adjustable monitor arms, to chairs that properly support the lower backs of your employees, ergonomics can have a major impact on the productivity, health, and happiness of your team members.  Adjust-ability/Flexibility Employees come in all different shapes and sizes, which is why the office furniture you choose needs to have the flexibility required to meet their individual needs.  Investing in furniture that can be adjusted to the specifications of your employees can help keep everyone in the office comfortable and focused on their work. Warranty  Office furniture is an important investment, and you want to be sure that the pieces you choose are backed by dependable warranties. This will ensure that if you experience an issue with your office furniture, you’ll be able to have it dealt with quickly and affordably. Multi-functionality  To maximize your budget, pieces of furniture can be purchased with multiple functions in mind. For example, lounge or storage furniture can also be used for collaborative or meeting spaces.  Similarly, tables can be designed to move around the office as they’re needed, making them perfect for in-house presentations, training programs, strategy sessions in the board room, and much more. Impact on Employee Wellness  The right office furniture can greatly impact the lives of your employees. In fact, several studies have found that choosing office furniture that is both comfortable and ergonomically considered can have a major impact on employee happiness, as well as their productivity. Brand Reputation  When choosing office furniture, it’s important to work with a brand that has earned a reputation as a leader.  Always choose products from office furniture brands who are all known for using quality building materials and are committed to delivering the best furniture in an environmentally responsible way.

How to Choose the Right Furniture for your Office?

How to Choose the Right Furniture for your Office? Spending 8 or more hours a day sat on an uncomfortable chair staring at a wonky computer on a small and cluttered desk isn’t going to improve productivity. When it comes to choosing furniture for your office it has been proven that it plays a role in boosting employee productivity. We’ve put together some advice for choosing the right furniture for your office which could help your business and improve productivity. Make comfort a priority Making sure that everyone in the office is in a comfortable working environment should be the top of your office furniture shopping criteria list. If employees are suffering from neck ache and stiffness due to uncomfortable furniture and sitting in awkward positions, they are likely to feel lethargic and unlikely to work to the best of their ability. This highlights how comfy, spacious office furniture will keep a workforce relaxed and ready for work. Furniture that reflects your brand Office furniture should reflect your company’s image, brand and personality. Purchasing furniture that is not only comfortable and practical, but you can also look out for designs that reflect your brand. Storage Solutions Offices are natural generators of hordes of paperwork piled up on desks which may even be taking over the floor too. To try and control the paperwork then storage is required to stop the mass amount of paperwork that needs filing. When choosing office furniture it is important to consider storage. If a desk with storage isn’t enough to combat all the paperwork. Then a storage cupboard, filing cabinet and tambour unit are all ideal if you need to make the most out of vertical space and are wanting to keep things out of sight in the office. Touch filing cabinets Consider Size Buying bulky furniture will take up a huge chunk of space in your office. Cramped space will restrict you and your employees from moving around freely. You will need to know the dimensions of your office and work from there and have a look at ways to maximise an office layout. Arranging furniture in a certain way can help your office look more spacious.

The best office chairs: how to choose a stylish seat that fits your needs

The best office chairs: how to choose a stylish seat that fits your needs If you spend most of your working day seated, a good office chair isn’t a luxury: it’s essential. An unsuitable office chair isn’t just uncomfortable. It can actively damage your health by encouraging poor posture. A good High Back Computer ergonomic office chair will provide you with support for your back, help to improve your posture and will be comfortable enough for you to spend extended periods of time sitting at your office chair . A good ergonomic office chair has a wide range of adjustments that can be tweaked to fit the unique anatomy of the user. People using computer in office Make sure you choose a chair with adjustable armrests . Adjustable seat depth and adequate lumbar support is critical, and make sure that when you recline in the chair, the backrest doesn’t drop away. Ideally you want the angle of the seat and the back to stay the same whether you are sitting upright or leaning back – a bit like a rocking chair. Make sure the chair is right for the environment - for instance you can get different castors (wheels) for different floor types. You don’t want to be scooting uncontrollably across the floorboards every time you try to get up. Likewise, make sure you’ve got the right height gas stem (the adjustable pole your seat is propped up on) for the surface you’re working at. Don’t get sucked in with the look of the office chair.  Very rarely are the best looking office chairs the most ergonomic. Office Chairs from Yingfung Furniture Co.,Ltd All our office chairs are manufactured here in the China from top quality materials, to our exacting standards, a 5-year guarantee on every single one of our products. For further information on any of our office chair ,call a friendly member of our experienced sales team on +86-13923267760,or email sandy@fsyingfung.com .

5 details of the purchase of furniture for school need to pay attention

5 details of the purchase of furniture for school need to pay attention Schools, for the public, are the places where children are educated. Safety is certainly the number one priority. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the safety of furniture and to avoid harming the children as much as possible. Here are 5 details we need to pay attention to when buying school use furniture. First, weight. we should concern the weight of the school furniture. To avoid hurting the students, the school furniture's weight should avoid injury, especially heavy or light. What may happen is it will cause the classroom furniture to slide down when the kids move the classroom furniture, if the weight of the school furniture design isn't reasonable. Second, glue edge. Because the students' skin is very delicate and their hands are easily scratched, we should pay special attention to the school furniture's edge, and today's school furniture uses rubber instead of aluminum more and more. Due to the sharp edges of most metals, the school furniture with shiny aluminum side decoration should be cutted. The screws may also have sharp metal edges, using a special hardware fastener to cover the sharp screws. And the metal as the support of the frame, the sharp angles should be inward, as far as possible to minimize the possibility of children to touch. Third, parts. Another point to pay special attention to is to prevent students swallowing school furniture parts, reduce the child received swallowing furniture parts damage. Therefore, to reduce the supply of school furniture, hardware and other accessories, at the same time, to be guaranteed the firmness of the small parts is also very important, the child does not get out will not eat. Fourth, fillet. Anti-collision, most children are restless, running and jumping in the room is often the case, accidentally hit the desk and chair of students on the corner if students desks and chairs are sharp angle, especially easy to cause harm, rounded design is smooth, can reduce the collision damage. If the parents are not at ease, they can also buy a colloidal transparent anti collision rounded corner for students, such as desk chair, chair and so on, but the fillet is not very strong, so we need to check regularly whether it is loose or not. Fifth, Anti pinch. To anti pinch, a anti pinch damper for school furniture should be prepared. The anti pinch damper for wardrobe door, drawer door can make the door slowly rebound, so as to have time to let the children respond to pinch the imminent danger, timely pull back, not because the classroom cabinet too much force and his small fingers hurt. These are the five points to pay attention to the purchase of school furniture, hope to help you who is looking for classroom furniture. If you want to learn more about children furniture, just contact us.

How to identify the leather furniture you buy is good or bad

How to identify the leather furniture you buy is good or bad? Leather furniture is common in our daily life, like leather sofa, leather chair, leather cabinet and so on. However, do you really know how to identify the quality of your leather furniture? Leather furniture with its buttery feel, amazing durability, easy to maintain and can keep cool in the summer is known, it is no wonder that it is one of the most popular choice of furniture decoration. After a difficult choice, how to identify the leather furniture you buy is a good weight.  Most of leather is made from cow leather, all over the world, tanning practices are various, which is why Italy's leather is tanned, and some are red, some apricot leather leather is orange red and yellow with red leather. Leather is a natural material, for decoration or other reason, leather furniture usually has wrinkles, scars, creases and color changes. Besides these can represent the unique personality and attractiveness of leather, it also provides choices for those who are different. Leather furniture in the dyeing process of aniline is the key to decide whether it is good or bad, aniline is formed after the leather is tanned, there are two different kinds of aniline, the aniline and semi aniline. A hidden full aniline was carefully dyeing, makes it have the leather itself all the beauty of nature and color change mark is the intrinsic hidden. Whole grain and total aniline are two kinds of substances that are mutually exclusive. This is a strange saying that you can't have anything else. When you see any of the two items, as long as we know that it means that all the touchable goodness of leather is hiding all the color changes associated with it.  Instead, semi aniline leather with a thin layer of wax before dyeing. This is done to make the color more evenly absorbed, together to produce a more stable, more cold - resistant leather. Through the understanding of leather dyeing, you will identify the quality of leather furniture easily. As a leading furniture provider in China, we provide worldwide customers with high quality leather furniture, pls browse our product center for more.

What do you need to consider when picking out the right office chair?

What do you need to consider when picking out the right office chair? For most people, office will take up a lot of time of the day, so choosing a comfortable and ergonomically office chair is very important for you. When choosing office chairs, you should consider the followings: The components of office chairs: 1. Seat: The foam density in your chair seat should be high enough to keep you sitting comfortably for a full workday, be sure to test your office use chairs out to guarantee personal comfort. Analyze how your body fits into the seat: including the space around your hips and thighs, and the distance between waterfall of the seat cushion and the back of your knee. Overall, does the seat feel adequately supportive? If not, you may need to choose another one. 2. Backrest: An inadequate backrest can put stress on your spine while you’re seated, so look for a ergonomically office chair that supports both your upper and lower back appropriately. The lower portion of the chair for office use should also be slightly curved to follow the natural contour of your spine. Consider finding a adjustable back chair, so you can be sure to fine-tune it to your comfort level. 3. Chair base: Look for the office chair with casters or a five point base so you can move around your office workspace with stability and ease. Be sure you can adjust the height of office chair so that your thighs are horizontal and feet flat on the floor when you’re sitting. This will minimize strain on your spine. 4. Armrests: Not all workspace chairs come with armrests, nor do you necessarily need them if you feel they get in the way of pulling in closely to your desk. However, if you prefer armchair, seek out a chair that comes with adjustable padded rests at least two inches wide for maximum comfort. Be sure the armrests are placed correctly in proportion to your body: armrests that are too high can cause tension in your shoulders, while those spaced too widely will cause you to extend your elbows in an uncomfortable fashion. What styles are available? A range of styles is offered, choose one depending on comfort, preference and whether it works with your current office style. Traditional office chairs tend to be comfortable and oversized, often tufted and commonly made from leather. You can also find a office chair without wheels, if that’s what you prefer. Modern office chairs tend to be more sleek, innovative, functional and ergonomic, and will add a contemporary quality to your office as you work from home. The materials of office chairs: In general, leather or vinyl chairs are proved to be the most durable and are comfortable, yet they may not let your skin breathe as easily as cloth. Cloth, however, while less expensive and ventilate, is tougher to clean. If you are looking for office chairs and interested in various office chairs, start your search here to see what chairs are available.

All products have assembly instruction?

All products have assembly instruction? Yes, it is our standard.

What is your sample policy?

What is your sample policy? We can supply the sample, sample and freight charges will be customer’s account, when the order confirmed, sample charges will be refunded from the order amount.

How to harmonize the public furniture with the surrounding environment

How to harmonize the public furniture with the surrounding environment The increase in the number of public furniture is bound to create issues of public environment allocation and design. Here are some suggestions on how to coordinate public furniture with the surrounding environment. With the expansion of the city, more and more public facilities are in city landscape, seats, signs, trash, street to purchase in the furniture for public without good planning and design, the city will seem messy, lack of beauty. Public furniture must be carefully designed to make its shape, size, color, material, proportion of harmony with the surrounding city landscape, city landscape character and personality match, such furniture can make the finishing point, to decorate and beautify the city function. Public furniture can be similar to the design of the design of the design mother elements, so as to integrate it with the environment. In addition, public use furniture and the most close to the floor material supporting different neglect. For example, an anti conventional seat design, concrete pouring, concrete and sand texture is very harmonious. The public seat chair is low, and the designer tries to imitate the feeling of sofa. Whether it is shape or material, this public furniture looks relaxed and full of coordination with the surrounding environment, and has won the public's praise. Off course, public furniture modeling needs innovation, recently, shapes and colors of public furniture showing a trend of diversity, different forms, rich colors. Combined with modern building simple and beautiful benches and clear linear, ordered and long bench square space composition is consistent, can achieve beautiful results. The material of public furniture needs not only to consider the prevention of water accumulation, sturdy and durable, easy to clean, but also to consider the cooperation with the surrounding environment.  If the landscape is antique architectural flavor, furniture materials with warm wood, to emphasize the retro style; if the landscape is a novel modern architectural flavor, furniture material selection of metal and high-tech materials, to enhance the modern charm. In some special public spaces, it will even shape space with unique material. Professional manufacturer of asphalt machines. Our sales and R&D team have over 10 years’ experience to focus on asphalt distributor, synchronous pavement surface vehicles and other road machinery and equipment. Based on innovation Professional manufacturer of asphalt machines. Our sales and R&D team have over 10 years’ experience to focus on asphalt distributor, synchronous pavement surface vehicles and other road machinery and equipment. Based on innovation

How to choose the right office sofa

 How to choose the right office sofa? Given the amount of time you'll spend sitting on one throughout your lives (17 years), a good quality leather PU office sofa   is worth spending money on. It's certainly not a purchase to make lightly, or in a rush.Size, practicality, longevity, style and comfort are all things you should pay careful attention to before investing in a new comfortable office sofa , otherwise you could find yourself wasting time and money when you end up with a product that just isn't right for you. There are three main factors that determine the quality of the office sofa : the work, the fabric, the style. When shopping for office Furniture Modern Leather Sofa , must be comfortable primarily, the surface of sitting and leaning back of the chair should be good for human body physiology structure. If the bedroom area is small, it is a good choice to have the Waiting Room Furniture sofa  that has the function of sitting down. For future use needs, the variability of  leather office sofa  can not be ignored, so choose multiple individual office sofa  to undertake free combination, according to need transformation is the good method that can forever protect fresh. The pattern is rich, the line is round, the modelling is novel, make the person relaxed. Though a new member of the sofa family, it has become the new favorite of many families. Soft texture and the colorful office art sofa  and changeable "expression", affinity, especially in the winter, soft sofa can melt the cold atmosphere, warming the indoor air, made a sunny spring day.