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自2001年以来,我们一直是专业生产办公家具的厂家。我们的产品适合不同国家的许多市场。1.优质座椅座、气杆通过BFMA,SGS,TUV/GS/CE测试,气杆可选择提升范围:60 mm~12 mm。坐椅具有多种功能,可在任何位置锁定。也有豪华的机制,更舒适和更多的功能。2.人机工程学设计:办公椅设计与造型按照人体工程学规律相结合,当你长时间坐在椅子上时,将充分休息,不会疲劳,不会对你的身体造成伤害。3.办公椅颜色:4.工艺精湛:我们的办公椅生产工人都有5年以上的生产经验,他们都很熟练,做得很出色。从椅子缝制到椅子装潢更加重要,我们的工人总是做好手工,椅子线非常流畅,协调,欢迎您来参观我们的工厂,看看我们的好产品!                                                Since 2001, we have been specializing in the production of office furniture manufacturers. Our products are suitable for many markets in different countries. High quality seat, air rod passed BFMA,SGS,TUV/GS/CE test, air rod can choose lifting range: 60 mm~12 mm. The chair has a variety of functions and can be locked in any position. There is also a luxurious mechanism, more comfortable and more functional. 2. Ergonomics design: office chair design and modeling in accordance with ergonomics laws, when you sit in the chair for a long time, will be fully rested, will not be tired, will not cause harm to your body. Office chair color: 4. Exquisite workmanship: our office chair production workers have more than 5 years of production experience, they are very skilled, do a good job. From chair sewing to chair decoration is more important, our workers always do a good job of handwork, chair line is very smooth, coordination, welcome to visit our factory, see our good products!